Numbat receives financing opportunity of over € 1 billion for further growth


Successful completion of a financing round with PATRIZIA and a German banking syndicate enables Numbat to install thousands of new fast charging points for Germany’s fast-growing e-mobility infrastructure. Financing round with PATRIZIA and additional lenders, enables Numbat to conduct investments of over one EUR billion to accelerate the transformation of Germany’s e-mobility infrastructure.

Through an investment by PATRIZIA’s European Infrastructure fund series, the cleantech company Numbat has found an investor for its current and future projects. PATRIZIA is already successfully active in sustainable infrastructure and will support the rapid and widespread expansion of fast-charging infrastructure in Germany and beyond. 

The total investment volume of PATRIZIA together with a German banking syndicate, led by the DAL (Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing), amounts to a significant three-digit million sum and thus enables the financing of Numbat’s current and future projects. 

An innovative solution characterizes numbat: A fast charging station and battery storage combination enables high-power charging at any location independent of the electricity grid. This groundbreaking technology allows fast and uncomplicated installation and, at the same time, relieves existing grids through its intelligent energy management. The integration of on-site PV systems ensures that fast charging is not only sustainable but also economical, both for Numbat and for the site partners. In this way, Numbat contributes significantly to the successful energy transition and is revolutionizing the energy sector with its approach. 

With contracts already in place with leading German retail companies such as tegut…, Norma, Euronics and hagebaumarkt, it is possible to install and operate thousands of fast charging points. With PATRIZIA’s funding combined with lenders, investments of well over one billion euros are feasible. 

Numbat sets the benchmark in Germany for pioneering, hardware-intensive cleantech business models and impressively demonstrates how they can be scaled. The innovative approach is driving sustainable mobility and the energy transition with determination and leadership. Numbat is thus on course for success and is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Germany.

“The hard work has paid off, as we can now enter the strong growth phase and rapidly scale Numbat nationally and internationally. Customers are ready to contribute significantly to the energy transition through Numbat, contracts have been signed, and further collaborations are imminent. Hardware availability is secured, and our team is ready to establish Numbat as the market leader.”

– Martin Schall (CEO of Numbat GmbH)

“Supporting the transition to renewable energy is one of our key long-term investment trends to accelerate the transformation of our mobility infrastructure. E-mobility has a significant role to play on our path to net zero and creating smarter, cleaner and sustainable infrastructure for towns and cities. We are excited to fully leverage our expertise in both renewables and smart city infrastructure solutions in our close partnership with Numbat to drive value for our clients and accelerate the green energy transformation in Germany and beyond.” 

- Matteo Andreoletti (Head of Infrastructure Europe and North America at PATRIZIA)

About Numbat 

Numbat is a cleantech company founded by Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Wegener and Martin Schall.  Their innovative solution combines a high-speed charging station (HPC) with an integrated battery storage system, all while taking an environmentally friendly approach to combat climate change. What’s more, Numbat’s patented multi-lifecycle concept ensures sustainable usage of their products. The company is headquartered in Kempten (Allgäu) and boasts a team of experienced battery technology managers. 


With operations around the world, PATRIZIA has been offering investment opportunities in real estate and infrastructure assets for institutional, semi-professional and private investors for 39 years. PATRIZIA manages around EUR 58 billion in assets and employs over 1,000 professionals at 28 locations worldwide. PATRIZIA has been making an impact since 1984 by helping children in need, since 1992 in close collaboration with Bunter Kreis (“colourful circle”) in Germany for the care of children with severe diseases and since 1999 through its support for the PATRIZIA Foundation. The PATRIZIA Foundation has helped around 280,000 children in need worldwide gain access to education and thus, has given them the chance of a better life over the last 24 years. You can find further information at 

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