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grid connection and fast charging - the main problem with expansion

Numbat Grid connection

The starting position

The initial situation is usually the same. Companies want to/must actively participate in the mobility revolution and offer their customers, guests and employees the option of charging or fast charging in the future.

However, the grid connection capacity, i.e. the power that the network can provide in the company, is hardly sufficient to install even a slow-charging wallbox (11-22 kW). The issue of fast charging or multiple wallboxes is not an option to think about.

An Example

A car dealership has a grid connection capacity of 85 kW. The load on average is just over 80 kW, on days with high power demand 85 kWp (full load). The problem is visible and seems logical – charging or High-Power-Charging is not possible.

So what can you do?

Medium voltage, transformer house, backyard

Of course, the first point of contact is the responsible network operator. There, it can be clarified whether a higher grid connection capacity is technically possible and what the additional costs are. In most cases, the only way is to expand the infrastructure with a connection to the medium-voltage grid. This is only possible in connection with a transformer station and extensive construction measures. The costs are in the middle six-figure range.

charging station with transformer house
Numbat, Sustainable, Public

The Numbat is a so-called high-power charger, which makes ultra-fast charging possible in 10-15 minutes. But the most important thing: The connected load does not matter! The Numbat is a combination of fast charging station and battery storage. It charges continuously with the available power and can deliver ultra-fast to the e-car. The battery storage relieves the power grid and can provide a virtual increase in the grid connection power.

Numbat charging station Feneberg parking lot

Many sites allow installing a Numbat free of charge.

Just click on the button and ask us to perform a free power data analysis at the desired location. Afterwards, we will discuss the results with you and, if necessary, visit the site to clarify everything else.

Numbat combines

The best of both worlds: HPC and battery technology

At Numbat, we focus on three pillars:

resource-saving use of batteries

Optimal energy usage through our multi-applications

Operating model

With our „High-Power Charging as a Service“– model, the handling of the charging bill, the operation of the storage unit and the reduction of your electricity bill based on previous analysis is included. The Numbat itself is operated and maintained by us. And all this without installation costs.

Analysis, installation, maintenance, and operation – all from a single source and without connection costs.

In an initial consultation, we check how the installation of a Numbat will work best for you. This implies an initial evaluation of your load profiles free of charge, where we show your savings potential and make you an offer according to your local circumstances.


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