Innovative energy concept:
High-Power charging and energy management in one

Best Case Studies for Retail

holistic and economical energy concept for trade

Numbat is more than a traditional fast charging station. It is a combination of fast charging station and battery storage. With the battery storage and the innovative technology behind Numbat, the diverse and complex challenges currently facing the retail sector can be solved.

Retail - "filling station" of the future?

According to a survey of consumers conducted by EHI and UScale, most drivers (82.4%) use their cars for shopping. Retailers can therefore attract EV drivers by offering ultra-fast charging in their parking areas, because they save themselves the extra trip to the charging station. Retailers are thus supporting the energy transition and at the same time fulfilling the desire of more and more customers to charge quickly while shopping.

82,4 %

the purpose of the trips
are “for shopping”


go to the supermarket / discount store weekly
(5.9 % even daily)

High-power charging

… will be/is relevant to competition
… customers will expect and plan for it
… must be sustainable

Best Practice Examples:
Feneberg and tegut... Gute lebensmittel

To be able to solve the current challenges in the field of renewable energies and e-mobility holistically and economically, an overall solution is needed that combines these topics.

The retail stores Feneberg and tegut… gute Lebensmittel have also recognized this and entered into a cooperation with Numbat. The High-Power Charger with integrated battery storage (“Numbat”) corresponds to the ideas of a sustainable solution for customers of the supermarket.

The following points were particularly important to the food retailers:

  •  Possibility of storage and use of self-generated PV power as well as diverse energy management
  • Climate-neutral fast charging solution
  • Grid connection is irrelevant
  • Economic business model
  • No effort for operation, billing, maintenance, etc.
  • Rapid implementation of a range of High-Power Chargers  for customers at as many locations as possible (no cherry-picking).
  • Integration of the charging infrastructure into loyalty programs (customer retention)

In the end, it has to be a win-win situation where the customer is the focus. We have analyzed numerous providers of charging stations and also combinations with battery storage, but the model of Numbat convinced us immediately, because there is no comparable provider with such a business model and product on the market."

Christof Feneberg,
Managing Director Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH

The realization

The large providers of fast charging stations only supply places that are optimally located – that is, where as many EVs as possible drive past. Rural areas are often forgotten in the process. In addition, they usually need to be connected to the medium-voltage grid, which is associated with high costs, construction measures, and very long waiting times for transformer houses. Numbat avoids the so-called “cherry-picking” and can equip all places, for example also parking lots in rural areas. The integrated battery storage leads to an uncomplicated connection to the power grid. Together with Feneberg, the first 40 locations were selected, and the first systems will be installed before the end of 2022. At almost all tegut… locations will have up to 1000 charging points in 2023.

Numbats on tegut... Parking lots

When tegut... was founded 75 years ago, we made it our mission to act responsibly with good food. This "responsible action" does not stop for us when a customer leaves the store. We implement it throughout the company. On the one hand, an environmentally friendly fast-charging service is of course an additional service offering for our customers, but on the other hand it is first and foremost a major investment in clean mobility. In addition, the possibilities offered by the battery storage system enable us to implement the relevant energy issues in our company in a targeted manner..“

Alexander Wilhelm,
Managing Director Expansion, Construction and Real Estate tegut…

the result

Construction and installation of the Numbats at the respective locations will begin in 2022, with additional locations to follow. The retail food stores will then be able to feed the battery storage integrated in the High-Power charger with self-generated electricity from in-house PV systems and, through various applications of Numbat in the energy management area, balance out high load peaks and thus reduce costs. This will provide the most sustainable fast charging currently available at the relevant locations.

The offer of ultra-fast charging at the supermarket parking lot represents a basic need for customers. In the future, the short charging process can be ideally integrated into the customer’s daily routine and the trip to the filling station or the journey to a charging station not on the route is no longer necessary.

tegut… and Feneberg are thus setting themselves apart from other grocery stores and taking on a pioneering role in the retail sector. With the Feneberg cooperation, Numbat implemented the pilot project of a nationwide fast charging network in the Allgäu region and was thus also able to increase the visibility of its own company on the market. This is also reflected in the following cooperation with tegut….


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