Numbat: first reach study for an EV-DOOH Network

EV-DOOH bei Numbat

A recent study conducted by GIM, a market research institute, suggests that the cleantech company has the potential to become the first EV-DOOH network to offer certified marketing services for its screens on the “Numbat” fast charging station (DC charger). Starting August 1st, 2023, interested parties can book the medium through Goldbach’s programmatic platform.

Numbat GmbH provides a powerful EV (Electric Vehicles) charger and battery storage system that can be conveniently installed without grid connection issues or extensive construction work. The product has two 75-inch screens, making it a valuable advertising medium that opens up new POS areas like supermarket car parks. Numbat has partnered with Goldbach Germany GmbH to market its products nationwide. This collaboration makes digital outdoor advertising accessible in locations that were previously challenging to reach.

In 2022, Numbat began implementing their systems, with the goal of expanding throughout the DACH region and Europe. Aside from their fast-charging infrastructure, this will also introduce new sustainable advertising opportunities. Currently, Numbat has around 100 screens, but the plan is to add another 1,000 within the next year. This market shows great potential for growth in the field of e-mobility.

Numbat GmbH has achieved a significant milestone by launching the first EV-DOOH network capable of conducting a range study, thanks to the research conducted by the market research institute GIM. The study carried out by GIM focused on calculating the ranges and contact values at Numbat charging stations. As a result, Numbat is now the first medium in the EV-DOOH sector that can be booked programmatically based on range, in addition to traditional IO booking. This development puts the company at the forefront of the energy transition movement.

Numbat combines an advertising medium for the DOOH sector with the topics of e-mobility and fast charging. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and Numbat is the perfect medium for this – the pillars are already powered by PV electricity at many locations. The company is creating a major milestone for the grid in the EV sector. We are pleased that Numbat is bookable as a POS medium within the Mobility Channel at Goldbach.

– Claudia Zayer (Managing Director of Goldbach DOOH GmbH)

The Numbat is a new and innovative advertising medium. It is well-received by people due to its fast-charging feature, making it a likeable medium with positive connotations. Additionally, as outdoor advertising is all about reaching high frequencies, Numbat’s placement directly at the point of sale (POS) at highly frequented car parks of supermarkets makes it an ideal medium to generate these frequencies. Consequently, Numbat is an excellent addition to FAW Medien and can be booked with Goldbach from 1.8.

– Prof. Dr Kai-Marcus Thäsler (Chief Executive of Fachverband Aussenwerbung e.V)

According to Uli Benker, who serves as the Head of Marketing & DOOH at Numbat GmbH, their product and approach do not conform to existing standards or studies in the DOOH market. However, Benker views this as a positive outcome, as he believes that their unique offering can establish a new category within the industry.

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Christian Mörken

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