More for charging - NORMA and Numbat join forces to create hundreds of fast-charging points across Germany

NORMA, one of the leading German discount companies, and the cleantech company Numbat are entering into a partnership. The aim is to advance the expansion of fast-charging points in Germany significantly and thus optimally support NORMA’s solar power strategy and sustainable energy management.

Large photovoltaic systems are currently being installed on numerous branches of NORMA Lebensmittelfilialbetrieb Stiftung & Co. KG. large photovoltaic systems with an output of 160 kWp each are presently being built. These are being used to optimise the shops’ energy management and thus support NORMA’s ambitious sustainability strategy. In the future, these efforts will be optimally complemented by cooperation with the Kempten-based cleantech company Numbat. With its fast-charging columns, Numbat supports the expansion of the charging infrastructure in the car parks of the grocery chain and thus provides an essential building block for energy management and e-mobility.


Numbat has installed fast charging stations that have two charging points for e-cars. These stations can charge up to 300 kW, making recharging e-cars within 15-20 minutes possible. The Numbats are equipped with battery storage units that can hold up to 200 kW of power and can be easily connected to the existing house wiring. The battery storage units can be charged with self-generated PV electricity, among other sources. The electricity can be fed back to the shop or delivered to the e-vehicles of NORMA customers.

The initial phase involves installing over 100 Numbats at NORMA shops, with plans for further expansion in the future. The straightforward installation process allows for a start date before year-end. Numbat will handle all aspects of planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of the systems.


The company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, modern energy management, and future mobility by extensively deploying photovoltaics in its stores. NORMA has partnered with Numbat, which offers systems that seamlessly integrate with PV systems, provide excellent energy management support, and allow customers to charge their vehicles quickly while shopping.”

– Katja Heck (Head of Communications at NORMA)

I acknowledge NORMA’s impressive efforts in recycling management and resource conservation. Integrating Numbats in NORMA’s shops will allow optimising energy management. Moreover, customers will benefit from charging their electric cars with solar energy.”

– Martin Schall (Managing Director of Numbat GmbH)

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