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You will find all the answers about charging at Numbat on this page. From payment methods and the charging process to our service contact if help is needed on site.

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General Information

No. The Numbat is designed as a combination of fast charging station and battery storage for businesses.

Yes, at Numbat we of course charge and settle in accordance with calibration law.

If you have any problems, you can contact the technical support at any time: +49 (0) 831-2521-9978


If companies want to advertise on the Numbat, they can do so through different media partners. More information can be found by clicking on the link provided HERE.


Numbat offers various payment methods to start charging, such as scanning QR codes, using RFID for charging cards, credit and EC cards, and commonly used apps. The user interface is designed to guide you through the process smoothly.

You authorise yourself at Numbat with your chosen payment method.

To end the loading process, simply click on the “end” field shown on the display.

As soon as you have connected your e-car to the plug and started the charging process via the user interface, the e-car locks automatically. Unlocking also occurs automatically after the charging process has ended. Some manufacturers have also implemented manual unlocking via the e-car. Locking and unlocking are therefore controlled by your e-car, not by Numbat.

All information regarding costs can be found here

The charging process for your e-car depends on its make and the amount of charge it requires. To avoid damaging the battery, it’s suggested that e-cars not be charged beyond 80%. At Numbat, you can charge with up to 300 kW (using both charging points with 150 kW each). However, the actual charging power will vary depending on your vehicle type. If the charging power of your e-car is less than 150 kW, you can only charge it at the maximum charging power possible for your vehicle at a charging station like Numbat. The charging time will vary accordingly. The higher the charging power, the faster the charging process will be when your e-car is able to access the charging power.

No, a Numbat charging station cannot currently be reserved in advance.

As a rule, you can charge at Numbat with all common charging cards.

To retrieve your statement, access and provide the date of your charge, the amount charged, and the last four digits of the card you used. You may also find this link on your online banking statement for your private credit or debit card.

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