Payment Options

At Numbat, we strive to provide you with the best charging experience possible by offering a wide variety of payment methods. Our goal is to make the payment process as simple and effortless as we can for you. Rest assured that we accept all popular payment methods.

Zahlungsmöglichkeiten Numbat

Debit & Credit Card

All Numbats come with a card reader that enables you to make contactless payments using major debit and credit cards. To use it, simply hold your card in front of the reader and the corresponding data will be transmitted through NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology. Alternatively, you can use the card slot and follow the instructions on the display.

Charging Card

At Numbat, you can easily authenticate yourself using standard charging cards. The RFID chip in your card exchanges information with the reader to enable charging. You can obtain a charging card from different e-mobility providers, and your provider will send you the invoice. Please note that Numbat GmbH does not currently provide its own charging card for customers.

Ad-Hoc Charging

Ad-Hoc charging allows for quick and spontaneous charging. To use it, scan the Numbat’s QR code with your smartphone and select your preferred payment method from credit card, EC card, or Paypal. There is no obligation to commit to any charging station operators.


To pay at the Numbat, you can choose from a variety of apps that replace the traditional charging card. Simply register and select your preferred payment method through the app. It’s important to note that Numbat GmbH does not currently offer their own app.

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