Numbat and Euronics

Fast-charging at electronic retailers

Numbat und Euronics

The cooperation between EURONICS Deutschland eG and Numbat realizes sustainable High-Power Charging for e-cars in the parking areas of the stores at up to 100 locations.

Fast-charging at electronic retailers becomes reality. With the cooperation of the cleantech company Numbat GmbH and EURONICS, up to 150 High-Power Charging stations are being built at 100 of the retailer’s locations across Germany, with the rollout starting in 2023. The so-called “Numbat” ensures a modern and climate-friendly fast-charging offer for customers and at the same time implements energy management topics at the locations.

The Numbat is a combination of High-Power Charger and battery storage. The fast-charging station is equipped with two charging points and can charge an Electric Vehicle (EV) to 80% in 10-15 minutes with a charging power of up to 300 kW. When both charging points are used simultaneously, charging takes place at 150 kW each. With a publicly accessible fast-charging offer in the parking lots of EURONICS, the electronics retailer realizes a modern and uncomplicated fast-charging for all customers with e-cars. In the future, they will be able to quickly charge their EVs while shopping at EURONICS – in addition to customer satisfaction, this will also promote the progress of e-mobility.

Through the battery storage and the technology behind it, EURONICS can also optimize self-consumption at selected locations and implement energy management in a sensible way, thereby achieving cost savings. To make this as sustainable as possible, the battery storage can also buffer self-generated solar power from EURONICS. This is then either provided to e-cars via the High-Power Charging station or fed back to the store as needed. A green energy cycle is created.

The Numbat does not require a connection to the medium-voltage grid. Thanks to the battery storage with a storage capacity of 200 kWh, the connection to the low-voltage grid is sufficient. The resulting advantages are, on the one hand, shorter delivery times, since no transformers for transformer stations are required, and on the other hand, costly as well as lengthy construction measures can be dispensed with. If possible, charging is also always done with electricity from renewable sources.

About Numbat

The cleantech startup Numbat combines three worlds with its patented technology: A High-Power Charger (HPC) for the trendy topic of e-mobility, an integrated battery storage for energy management solutions, and all this with an environmentally friendly approach to contribute to the energy transition, especially with the patented multi-lifecycle concept. The founders are Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Wegener and Martin Schall, both long-time managers in battery technology. The company is based in Kempten (Allgäu).

With the cooperation with EURONICS, we are expanding our offering in Germany by around 150 Numbats at up to 100 locations. This is good for e-mobility and the realization of a nationwide fast-charging offer in Germany. We are pleased to be able to equip an electronics retailer for the first time with EURONICS.

– Martin Schall (Co-Founder/Managing Director von Numbat)

About Euronics Deutschland eG

Always close to the customer. With personal advice and the best service at around 1,294 locations with over 1,200 members throughout Germany. This is what EURONICS Deutschland eG stands for with its claim “For your best home in the world”. Thanks to its broadly networked infrastructure, EURONICS offers not only an extensive portfolio of consumer electronics and home appliances, but also the highest level of service – on site at brick-and-mortar stores, at the customer’s home, and online at

A high level of expertise and outstanding advisory skills are just as much a part of the brand essence as regional solidarity, an innovative multichannel concept, and a consistent strategy for the future. With the exclusive distribution of the Aiways U5 in Germany, EURONICS is the first electronics retailer to also sell e-cars since 2020, thus launching a new era of electromobility. In addition, there are further e-mobility products – from sustainable e-storage to charging infrastructure. In combination with numerous energy efficiency offers and the newly created “Renewable Energies” product area, EURONICS is establishing itself as a leading electronics retailer in the field of energy transition.

In fiscal year 2021/2022, EURONICS Deutschland eG thus generated central sales of EUR 1.49 billion. EURONICS Deutschland is part of the purchasing and marketing association EURONICS International based in Amsterdam. With more than 8,500 locations and around 27 national retail organizations in 35 countries, the association group generated annual sales of EUR 22.9 billion in 2021 and is one of the industry’s pioneers.

The special feature of the Numbat is not only a fast-charging offer for an optimal shopping experience for our customers, who now have the possibility to charge their electric cars while shopping at EURONICS, but the combination with a battery storage. This relieves the load on the power grid and ensures sustainable and balanced energy management at our locations.

– Philipp Neuffer (Head of e-Mobility / Renewable Energies at EURONICS Deutschland e. G.)


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