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We have prepared Creative Guidelines to help you create visually appealing advertisements for your audience. These guidelines include technical requirements for your ad and information on the types of ads that can be displayed on screens.

Tipps rundum DOOH - Mann mit Glühbirne vor dem Numbat

Creative Guidelines

With DOOH, you can create integrated moving image campaigns that cover the entire customer journey. Digital screens fill the advertising gaps between the first glance at a smartphone or daily newspaper in the morning, search engine research at the office, and evening TV commercials.

To put it simply, digital out-of-home advertising reaches consumers at different locations in public spaces throughout the day. This type of advertising can be tailored to specific audiences for better targeting.

Splitting the Spots

To optimize human perception, a 10-second spot can be split into two frames of 5 seconds each or three frames of 3-4 seconds each.

For clear communication, the division of the content can look like this, for example:

  1. Frame (3 seconds): Brand and key visual
  2. Frame (4 seconds): Headline
  3. Frame (3 seconds): Price disruptor

Frame 1

Frame 2

10 Seconds

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

The logo placement

To ensure a direct association with the company, the logo should be prominently displayed in the upper third of the advertisement with high contrast at least 90% of the time. This will prevent the logo from being obstructed by pedestrians and attract greater attention.

Logoplatzierung DOOH Spot

The core message

The advertisement message should be clear and easily comprehensible to the audience. The key aspects to emphasize are the brand, which should evoke positive emotions, and the product, which should inspire a desire to purchase.

Remember to comply with youth protection guidelines (FSK0) and avoid political and religious expressions of opinion. Numbat reserves the right to reject content at any time without explanation.

The Content

To make an effective advertisement, use a maximum of two core messages per spot, with one message per frame. Keep the message brief, using only three to five words that take up at least 12-15% of the format height.

Using fewer words ensures the message is easily absorbed. If additional text is necessary, limit it to four to six accompanying terms. Use a minimum font height of 90px for the headline and 55px for the sub-headline.

Inhalt auf dem DOOH Screens


It’s important to have a clear Call to Action (CTA) in your advertisement that prompts the viewer to take action. This can include providing information or directing them to another communication channel. Keep the text brief but informative. Using attention-grabbing terms like “New”, “Now”, or “Attention” can also help generate interest.


When using images in advertising, it’s crucial to ensure that they effectively support the message being conveyed. The message loses impact if the graphics and message don’t complement each other. For optimal results, images should occupy 80% of the screen while the remaining 20% should be allocated to text.

Call to Action Platzierung
Platzierung und Dichte an Content

Less is more

To achieve the best results, advertising must prioritize four key elements, with one of them being the logo.


To guide the viewer’s focus, arrange the elements strategically. Position the main element in the center and place other elements around it that are not intended to be the main focus.

Movement and Animation

To effectively convey a message in advertising, it’s important to minimize distracting movements and instead focus on targeted actions that reinforce the message. This can be achieved by incorporating clear resting and standing phases and strategically setting attention peaks to capture the viewer’s gaze. By doing so, the advertising becomes more attention-grabbing.

Animation und Bewegung


When creating advertisements, it’s important to use appropriate colors to capture the viewer’s attention and create a positive experience. However, using too many colors can cause confusion. To ensure proper color coordination, different types of color contrasts can be utilized.


To increase visibility, it is recommended to stick to using two or three main colors.

Farbe an sich Kontrast auf den Screens

Complementary Contrast

To create a vibrant design, use a combination of a primary color and its complementary color.

Komplementär-Kontrast auf den Screens

Quality Contrast

For top-notch advertising, use off-white colors that are in the same hue as either primary or secondary colors.

Qualitäts-Kontrast auf den Screens

Design Opportunities

The type of advertising available may vary based on the location. In busy areas or certain cities, there may be restrictions on certain types of ads.

Moving Images

Classic videos, full-screen or backgrounded.


  • Full Animation
  • Highlight effect for text and image elements
  • Fade in and fade out layout elements


  • Combination of still image and a constant moving element
  • Loop-Movements
  • No fade-in & fade-out of text & layout elements

Still Image

DOOH Standbild

No Movement

Technical Requirements

Icon Image

Still Image

Duration: 10 seconds

File Format: jpeg, png (72dpi, sRGB)

Resolution: Full HD: 1.080×1.920px
4K: 2.160×3.840px

Icon Spot

Moving Images

Duration: 10 Sekunden

File Format: jpeg, png (72dpi, sRGB)

Resolution: Full HD: 1.080×1.920px
4K: 2.160×3.840px

Framerate: 25 fps (progressive)

Bitrate: max. 30 Mbit/s

Coding: H.264


If you’re curious about the Numbat and our charging solutions, or want to explore the vast options of energy management and EV-DOOH applications, reach out to us without delay. We’d love to share more information with you.

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