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Media companies are operating in a challenging environment where they must seek out new digital channels and revenue sources. Numbat offers an opportunity to meet the demand for a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure while also providing fresh DOOH locations to satisfy the need for innovation.

High-quality content and marketing ensure increased quality of stay and acceptance, as well as refinancing of the systems. The expansion can begin together.

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Digital Revenues

Presenting a novel advertising category that supplements the conventional media provided by publishing and media houses.


Expanding digital reach (journalistic) in a digital world where movement is steadily sliding closer into focus.

Reader Market

You can take advantage of various media offers, such as subscription marketing, bundles, digital subscription offers, own brands, jobs, events, and more.

Media House

In today’s dynamic landscape, cutting-edge and progressive digital products are increasingly dominating the market.

Features of Numbat Locations

Basic Need of the Future

In the future, fast charging will be a basic necessity and public charging options will become a part of everyday life.

Sustainable & Economical

We can operate the DOOH fast charging station in an eco-friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective way thanks to the integrated battery storage.

New Locations

At Numbat, we have an integrated fast charging station that allows us to access new DOOH locations that are typically challenging for established DOOH providers. These locations are known for having a high number of visitors.

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No Investment Costs

Numbat takes care of everything related to the advertising facilities expansion, including acquisition, hardware, installation, operation, and providing a uniform CMS system. This eliminates any investment and risk for the expansion.

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Our content and marketing partners

Numbat offers a fresh approach by providing space for digital outdoor advertising, a first of its kind. This allows partners the opportunity to market advertisements and share content on these innovative media spaces.

National Partner

Logo Goldbach


National specialist intermediaries and media agencies, programmatic connectivity.


Logo Schwäbisch Media


The city or region around Ravensburg.

Osthessen | Raum Fulda


Karlsruhe Metropolitan Region.


Logo Medienhaus Aachen

Medienhaus Aachen

Aachen city region with the border area to the Netherlands and Belgium


Are you interested in marketing EV-DOOH? With Numbat EV-DOOH, more people are reached and a guaranteed increased impact is achieved – be it for branding, customer acquisition, offer publication or talent recruitment.

Sustainable advertising

Numbat DOOH is powered by 100 percent regional green electricity and combines your company with future-oriented e-mobility.

Dynamic playout

Your messages are displayed in the right place at the right time for maximum attention.

Embedding in the local context

Your advertising is embedded in the local context in order to increase the dwell time and attention of your target group.

Highly frequented locations

Placed in busy locations such as shopping markets and malls, you can reach a wide audience right where life is pulsating.

Modern advertising medium - directly at the POS

EV-DOOH is a new, modern advertising medium – directly on the way to the POS.

You want to more about DOOH at Numbat

For more information on advertising on Numbat screens and our DOOH tips, click here:


If you’re curious about the Numbat and our charging solutions, or want to explore the vast options of energy management and EV-DOOH applications, reach out to us without delay. We’d love to share more information with you.

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