Media and E-Mobility combined:

The first fast charging station in the DOOH market

Numbat is characterized by a sustainable combination of a High Power Charger (HPC) and battery storage. With its patented technology, it helps companies to successfully meet the challenges of e-mobility. With the large integrated DOOH screens a new product category is emerging on the market.

What is special about the Numbat locations

A basic need of the future

Fast charging is and will be a basic need of the future. Public charging stations are being integrated in the everyday life.

Sustainable and economical

The integrated battery storage enables us to operate the DOOH-High Power Charger in a  sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical way.

New Locations

The fast-charging infrastructure of Numbat gives us access to new DOOH locations. The locations are usually heavily frequented and in some cases not accessible to established DOOH providers.

Perfect complement for media companies


DOOH (Digital out of Home) enables digital campaigns along the entire customer journey: The screens fill the advertising gaps between the first glance at the smartphone or daily newspaper in the morning, the search engine research in the office and the evening TV commercials.


DOOH accompanies consumers throughout the day – and this at a wide variety of touchpoints in public spaces. The campaign and content can be adapted sublocally and targeted acurately.

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