Smart Fast Charging
with Battery Storage
anywhere & anytime


corporate clients

Numbat offers with its unique combination of fast charging station and battery storage a total solution for companies to solve current challenges in the field of renewable energies and e-mobility sustainably and economically.

Your BENEFITS with Numbat as Energy Partner

up to 300 kw charging power

With a charging power of up to 300 KW, your customers can almost fully charge their electric cars at Numbat in 10 -15 minutes. The short charging time and the associated high availability significantly increases the attractiveness of your location for e-car owners.

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ZERO costs

The integrated battery storage in the Numbat makes it possible to connect the charging pole to the existing grid. 

For you, this means: No connection to the medium-voltage grid, no costly construction measures & no transformer house necessary. 

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Efficient energy management offers you peak shaving and other electricity-saving options.

This even reduces the load on networks and cuts peak loads. This not only saves you electricity costs, but also grid charges. 

HP-Charging: operator MODEL

An operator model that is unique worldwide: Depending on the location, free of charge or in a subscription model.

We take care of installation, operation and billing and offer you an all-round carefree package.

what our partners say about us

In the end, it has to be a win-win situation where the focus is on the customer. We have analyzed numerous providers of charging stations and also combinations with battery storage, but the model of Numbat convinced us immediately, because there is no comparable provider with such a business model and product on the market.

Christof Feneberg
CEO Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH

When tegut... was founded 75 years ago, we made it our mission to act responsibly with good food. This "responsible action" does not stop for us when a customer leaves the store. We implement it throughout the company. On the one hand, an environmentally friendly fast-charging service is of course an additional service offering for our customers, but on the other hand it is first and foremost a major investment in clean mobility. In addition, the battery storage options enable us to implement the relevant energy issues in our company in a targeted manner.

Alexander Wilhelm
Managing Director Expansion, Construction and Real Estate tegut...

With Numbat, we have found a way to implement the topic of ultra-fast charging stations as an offer for our customers on the one hand and on the other hand, thanks to the integrated battery storage, we are able to store the PV electricity from our own solar plants and save electricity through the integrated energy management system. Thus, we manage to fully charge up to 2000 cars per year with our self-generated electricity in 10-15 minutes each. In addition, we have found a partner who cares as much about sustainability as we do at Feneberg.

Nico Fischer
Division Head Construction, Building and Energy Management Lebensmittel GmbH